For The First Time, China Has Realized The Coordinated Movement Of Visual Autonomous Uav And Unmanned Boat

Wuhan, Jan. 25 (xinhua)25, reporters learned from huazhong university of science and technology, the school fully autonomous unmanned boat innovation team successfully completed the machine craft synergy sports take-off and landing, it marks the technology to a new level of unmanned craft team in China.According to the report, the innovation team has overcome the problems of slow, inaccurate, slow to follow, large interference and difficult to land the autonomous uav boats, expanded the maneuverability of the fleet and greatly improved the detection range of the fleet.

Anti UAV Defence System

The success of its technological innovation plays a vital role in safeguarding China’s maritime rights and interests and controlling China’s water resources.Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) boat synergia from challenging, the difficulty is to work for two different speed in different medium body motion, the space is very limited and random bumpy surface platform, accurate, fully independent, stable and reliable for take-off and landing tasks, so the machine craft cooperative autonomous landing is air and cross-domain unmanned systems enabling technology and frontier hot spots.

Huazhong university of science and technology, school of automation set up a full autonomous innovation team of unmanned craft, recently in songshan lake, dongguan, guangdong province, the use of independent research and development of the huster-68 unmanned craft and unmanned aerial vehicle, successfully completed the coordinated movement of aircraft and craft take-off and landing.

According to the relevant person in charge of the team, during the coordinated takeoff and landing of the aircraft and boat, the uav took off from the huster-68 unmanned boat independently to perform the designated airspace exploration task.The huster-68 unmanned boat autonomously detected the surrounding water environment and issued the homing instruction to the uav. The uav began to homing and following the boat and independently identified the landing position of the huster-68 unmanned boat. After three stages of “following”, “descending” and “landing”, it landed on the huster-68 unmanned boat smoothly and successfully achieved the coordinated takeoff and landing of the uav boat.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is a four-rotor flight platform designed and developed independently by the team. The flight control system is equipped with microprocessors, cloud cameras, GPS, ultrasonic sensors and other sensors, which can realize autonomous tasks such as track planning, water area and airspace detection.Huster-68 can independently complete the tasks of “water-bank-sky” complex environment information perception and fusion, target detection and so on, and has the ability of autonomous obstacle avoidance and path planning.

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