First Voyage Of China’s First Autonomous Cargo Ship

“‘Doudouyun 0’ is an important platform to promote the technological advancement and industrial development of intelligent ships. This time, the first voyage of autonomous navigation for cargo has been successfully completed, and the exploration and practice of autonomous navigation have officially started to promote the development of intelligent shipping. Welcome to the era of intelligent shipping. “Yan Xinping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said.

According to reports, “Some Doom Cloud 0” autonomous cargo ship is designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of China Classification Society’s “Coastal Boat Classification and Construction Code” and will be evaluated and tested in accordance with the IMO “MASS Provisional Trial Navigation Guidelines”. The rapid promotion and application in ships has extremely high research and development value.

At the beginning of the design, “Doudou Cloud 0” fully considered the requirements for the deployment of autonomous navigation systems. Using digital control technology and electrified propulsion systems, the entire ship has remote monitoring and alarm functions. It is a typical digital ship, and will eventually achieve IMO offshore water surface autonomy. Ship (MASS) 4 levels of autonomous navigation.

With the gradual establishment of smart ship standards, testing and verification systems, smart ship technology and industrial development with autonomous navigation at its core have officially entered the fast lane. The successful maiden voyage of “Doudouyun 0” cargo ship has a milestone significance for the development of domestic and global autonomous ship technology, and will promote the development of autonomous ship technology and industrial landing. “The maiden voyage of ‘Some Douyun 0’ has groundbreaking significance for the development, testing, and standardization of ship’s autonomous navigation technology.” Said Cai Yuliang, director of the China Academy of Social Sciences Innovation and Test Center.

It is understood that in November this year, “Doudou Cloud 0” was launched for delivery. In December, “Doudou Cloud 0” remote control and autonomous navigation tests were completed, and the results of autonomous navigation technology were announced at the Shanghai Maritime Exhibition. Autonomous tracing, collision avoidance and remote docking have aroused industry attention.

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