Fiber Optic Gyroscope Industry Has Obvious Advantages And Is Difficult To Be Replaced In The Short Term

Fiber optic gyroscope in China after years of development, has, the development and application of high precision gyroscope products such as 0.01 ° / h of fiber optic gyroscope has developed successful companies, part of fiber optic gyroscope products precision up to 0.005 ° / h.However, compared with the developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the precision and performance of our products.Northrop, for example, makes fiber optic gyroscopes for space use that are highly resistant to radiation and are 99.6 percent reliable over 15 years.Fiber optic gyroscope has been widely used in military field because of its obvious performance advantage.


New thought world industry research center released the 2018-2020 China optical fiber gyro market research and industry analysis report shows: in terms of research and application of fiber optic gyroscope, keep up with the United States, Japan, is in the world, its main research institute at the university of Tokyo cutting-edge engineering office and Hitachi, sumitomo electric industries, such as mitsubishi, Japan aviation electronics industry company.In addition, France, Germany and Russia and other countries fiber optic gyroscope research and application technology is also relatively mature.

The military research institute of China’s fiber optic gyro market occupies a relatively high market share, and its main production units are 618, 707, hongfeng factory, aerospace electronics, 717, etc.The market share of 618 fiber optic gyroscopes is the highest, accounting for 7.5% of the total market size in 2017.Along with the domestic fiber optic gyroscope civil market demand increases unceasingly, its market concentration degree will decrease unceasingly.

Analysis from product substitution: in the future war conditions, radio, GPS, astronomical navigation and guidance may be interfered by each other.The fiber optic gyroscope has become the core sensor of inertial navigation system with its advantages of firmness and stability, impact resistance, short start-up time, high detection sensitivity, long life and stable signal.At present, compared with laser and flexible gyroscopes, fiber optic gyroscopes are small in size, light in weight, high in reliability and high in cost performance.Compared with MEMS gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope has great advantages in precision and performance.Therefore, fiber optic gyroscope is the main sensor of domestic military navigation equipment in recent years, occupying the majority of the market share.

In addition, due to the high cost performance of fiber optic gyroscope and fiber optic inertial navigation system, it has been widely used in a wide range of civil fields, such as the flight control of high-end uav, high-speed railway vibration sensing and railway track detection, aviation/land mobile mapping, unmanned vehicles, etc.Fiber optic gyroscopes are hard to replace in the short term.

According to the researchers of xinsi industry, fiber optic gyroscope is the most promising gyroscope at present.Compared with MEMS gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope has obvious advantages in performance, simple structure, light weight and high precision.Compared with laser gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope is more cost-effective.In the future, with the upgrading of China’s military equipment in aerospace, military equipment and other fields, fiber optic gyroscope is still the primary choice.In the field of civil use, with the growing market scale of unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles and robots, the demand for gyroscopes is on the rise. Fiber optic gyroscopes have obvious advantages and will certainly have a good development.

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