Facebook Would Like To Provide Internet Via UAV

As per report, Facebook is negotiation with India government and Telecom supplier that Facebook would like to provide the low-price Internet for remote area resident via Solar – powered uav.

Robert Pepper, the Public Policy Director of Facebook Connectivity, advised that Facebook is negotiation with Telecom supplier to provide the Internet for the remote area. Having the Fiber Optic speed, however no need to laying fiber optic is the glamour of Aquila. There have many Telecom suppliers are interested in the project, however, it is only in the early stage at present.

In June, Facebook tested the first Aquila UAV at Yuma, Arizona. The wings are 141 inches, which is wide than Boeing 737, the signal is able to cover 96 km and provide the Internet once it launched successfully. Facebook would like to launch 10,000 Aquila UAV in future if possible.

The advantage of Aquila is that it can be used in the area which NOFN haven`t covered, and then it will be removed to other area once the NOFN covered without any cost, Pepper said.

Another project-Free Basics of Facebook occurred blocked by India government in February, as the government identified that the Free Basics was only allowed to access specific website and applications, which obey the net neutrality Rules.

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