F1 Stadium Is Also Threatened By Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Anti-man-machine Technology Into A Enemy Recipe

In addition to the wonderful performance of Hamilton, Vettel and other players, the “airborne”anti-aircraft safety control system, which is responsible for low-altitude security, has become one of the events in the “2017 International F1 Formula One China Grand Prix” Highlights, it ensures that the event is extremely safe at low altitude, by the event organizers and contestants unanimously praised.

At this Grand Prix security mission is the use of “airborne” anti-man-machine command vehicles and hand-held equipment, through the command vehiclesand handheld devicescan be formed on the stadium security zone three-dimensional protection network, the area “black fly” Man-machine to achieve “detection, positioning, tracking, identification, forced landing, shot down” and so a full range of safety control means. In the April 9 event in the effective disposal of a “black fly” UAV threat event, “airborne” anti-man-machine safety control systemfrom the discovery of “black fly” target to accept the public security command center disposal orders and successful disposal , The whole process of not more than 1 minute, quickly and effectively exclude the UAV on the scene of the event caused by security threats.

The security party is very satisfied with the performance of the “airborne” anti-man-machine safety control system and said that the “airborne” anti-man-machine safety control system can complete the whole process control from detection, tracking to disposal, and can effectively solve the security Airspace UAV “black fly” problem, the track and the spectators are full of security, in the future security activities will continue to cooperate.

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