Express Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

As we all know, the competition of express companies is the competition of delivery networks. Previously, the network coverage of the express towns in deppon has reached 94%, and the increase in coverage enables remote areas to enjoy the shopping experience brought by the development of e-commerce and express delivery. Faced with the rapidly growing demand for logistics and express delivery, the delivery efficiency of the last kilometer has become the bottleneck of the logistics industry. On March 31, deppon express officially launched the trial operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and successfully completed the first test flight, proposing forward-looking solutions for the last kilometer of delivery.

The test flight route is from C1 building of an office park to C2 building with drones equipped with express delivery, and then back.”For high-rises, couriers need to register with the doormen and go upstairs and downstairs. Using drones can solve these problems and improve delivery efficiency,” said a deppon Courier.It is known that the maximum weight of the deppon express drone is 10 kg, with a range of 20 minutes and a maximum flight speed of 20m/s.The staff also demonstrated the uav scheduling management platform. According to the report, the scheduling platform can realize scanning code, binding, automatic delivery, live broadcast, automatic return and other functions.As for the safety of the uav, the staff said, “the uav performs the flight task automatically. The pilot can cut off the automatic mode at any time through the remote control and change to manual mode to ensure the safety.At present, four routes of deppon express in jinshan district of Shanghai are being sent to the end of the pilot, and the automatic delivery of drones has achieved 100% success.”Although the use of drones is still at the exploratory stage, there are problems with cruise capability, payload capacity, policy standards and traffic safety,” said a deppon official.However, initial results have been achieved in the test flight of the terminal uavs of deppon express, and the application of regional large-scale cargo uavs in logistics and express delivery will be studied in the coming months.

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