Engine Aes100 Will be Equipped with “Rainbow” UAV

The reporter learned from China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd. that aes100, a 1000 kW advanced civil turboshaft engine independently developed by China Aviation Development Corporation, has recently signed the first pioneer user. China Aviation Engine Research Institute and southern company have signed an engine procurement contract with Caihong company of Aerospace Science and technology. Aes100 engine will provide power for Caihong large tilt UAV.

It is reported that aes100 is China’s first 1000 kW advanced civil turboshaft engine with international competitiveness and completely independent intellectual property rights. It has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, high reliability, high power reserve and good developability, and can meet the power needs of 5-6 ton twin engine and 3-4 ton single engine helicopters. The “Rainbow” UAV equipped this time is the first tilt rotor aircraft in China. It integrates helicopter and fixed wing aircraft technology, takes off and lands vertically in helicopter mode, and cruises rapidly in fixed wing aircraft mode.

The aes100 engine was approved for development in 2016, and the twin engine equipped helicopter successfully made its maiden flight in July 2021. At present, aes100 engine is accelerating the iteration of design verification, verifying long life, structural integrity, blade containment, icing, fire prevention, etc., and actively moving towards the goal of airworthiness certification.

The successful development of aes100 engine project will further improve the research and development system and Airworthiness System of civil turboshaft engine in China. Turboprop, turbofan engine and hybrid power system derived from aes100 are developing synchronously, which will form a good situation of family and seriation integration development, and promote the development of civil aviation engine industrialization in China.

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