Early Warning Radar Team: Eyes Of The Great Powers Watching The Sky

The radar is the “clairvoyary eye” that guards the motherland. China’s radar business started in 1949, from the first batch of air defense surveillance patrols, the first air defense intelligence unit, to the first radar battalion, the first radar brigade, and the radar soldiers to accompany the new China. After 70 years of history, several generations of radar people have continued to struggle and quietly contribute to the important strategic cornerstone for safeguarding the national air and space security.

The team leader said that the radar equipment that was read this time is the backbone equipment of China’s new generation of early warning detection system, and they are all read for the first time. Compared with traditional radars, these radars have strong battlefield sensing capabilities, can effectively cope with various air and space threats, and have the characteristics of new system, high integration, accurate accuracy and great power.

The iron flow is rolling, the radar is silent, as if to show the world the glorious tradition of the radar soldier’s silent dedication and tenacious struggle. Since the establishment of the organization, most of the officers and men of the radar units have been stationed in the borders of the deserts and islands in the difficult conditions. As the eyes of the national air defense system, they must not “sleep” or even “blink”. They must be on duty 24 hours a day. The extremely difficult living environment and the snoring consciousness of the pillows have forged the tenacious and tenacious qualities of the radar soldiers like pines and cypresses.

The most representative is the Gambara Radar Station, which is stationed at the height of 5,374 meters above the Ganbala Mountains. The air density is less than half of the sea level. Every year, the winds above 8th grade are to be scraped for 9 months. The ultraviolet radiation is strong and the world is at an altitude. The highest human-controlled radar station. With the loyalty to the motherland, the officers and men of the whole station overcome the harsh conditions of low pressure, low oxygen and low temperature, take root in the plateau, work hard, and cultivate the Ganbara spirit of “willing to endure hardship, silent dedication, dedication, hard work”, 1994 He was awarded the honorary title of “Gambala Hero Radar Station” by the Central Military Commission.

“A red heart loves the motherland, and I keep the airspace for the motherland.” Today, the heroic radar soldiers once again declared their loyalty to the party and the people with their mighty array and firm steps.

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