Dynamically Tuned Gyroscope Well Logging Technology And Application

Usually well logging technology using dynamically tuned gyroscope measure rotational angular velocity component of the earth, using Quartz accelerometer measure the acceleration component of the earth. Calculating by computer, it can read out the parameters of Inclination, Azimuth, Tool face etc. Measured by tube to different depth, we can get the Well bore trajectory curve. This well bore measuring technology can be used for Well bore trajectory retest, Directional drilling, Side window directional drilling etc.

The main core part of dynamically tuned gyroscope well logging technology is Inertial Measurement Unit, including one dynamically tuned gyroscope and two Quartz accelerometers. Measured signal by collecting code with cable transfer to the surface measuring system, computer software solute coding then get the parameters of Inclination, Azimuth, Tool face. Further calculating can get the well depth, the north-south migration, East-west migration, closure azimuth. According to different depth measurement, we can get the wellbore trajectory.

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