Drones Threat

At present, the “black fly” incident is frequent, the hidden trouble cannot be ignored. According to the data, in the middle of January and mid-february of this year, there were 12 violations of the illegal operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. On February 2, 3, two days, yunnan kunming long water airport occur four unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight illegal incidents, one of the most serious, unmanned aircraft from airbus only 50 to 70 meters, a serious threat to aviation safety. On May 12, chongqing airport in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the duration of the nearly four hours, more than 40 flights alternate from chongqing airport, more than 60 flights canceled, more than 140 flight delays, tens of thousands of passengers affected.

According to the introduction, in the airport clearance area inside and outside, the uav “black fly” is extremely easy to cause unexpected high hair.Small drones, falling from the sky, can be hurtful.In addition, the drone ‘black flight’ may also cause privacy leaks.

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