Drones Hover Over The Prison

In recent years, with the rapid growth of the consumption level of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market, the function is more and more advanced modern unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), also brought grief to security and privacy, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) invasion of privacy, peeping in state organs and the army headquarters sensitive areas such as flight, endangering state security and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) improper operation safety accidents and so on.

Anti UAV Defence System

One day late at night in October 2017, a domestic big cities over the prison in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), there are take on the dangerous goods, filming regulation facilities such as the possibility of irregularities. The soldiers on duty after asking, quickly picked up the purchasing of new high-tech electron gun, target drones and pull the trigger, the drones are being lagged, the safe hidden trouble quickly be eliminated.

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