Drone Sent to Restore Signal in Henan

Many base stations and optical cables were damaged in Mihe town of Gongyi city, central China’s Henan province, during the heavy rainfall in the past couple of days. 
This resulted in the disruption of communication for tens of thousands of local residents.On July 21, the Ministry of Emergency Management urgently dispatched the Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicle to the area. It took a 4.5-hour flight to arrive in Gongyi city, and entered the affected communication area at 18:21. With the help of mobile public network base stations, stable and continuous mobile signals were provided to a range of about 50 square kilometers.

As of 23:20, the air base station has connected a total of 3,572 users, generating traffic of 2,089.89M, with a single maximum access of 648 users.  
Restoring the mobile public network signal for residents in the disaster area allows individuals to report their situation in real time, and opens up a lifeline for emergency communications. 
We stand with you, Henan!

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