Dongfeng 26 Hits A Hit And Destroys The Target 100 Kilometers Away

A few days ago in the northwest, a launch test of the Dongfeng 26 ballistic missile was conducted. The Dongfeng 26 is a new type of ballistic missile that can strike moving targets. Its debut was in the 93 parade in 2015. The Dongfeng 26 adopts a mobile launch mode. Its launch and delivery are assembled on the same vehicle. The vehicle has good maneuverability. In addition to road maneuvering, it can also have certain off-road capability. The timing of the launch of Dongfeng 26 was also very good. Before the 81th Army Day, there was an analysis that this is a test of a gift, but it is understandable to think so.

For the time being, the Dongfeng 26 missile has good precision, and this is achieved by the design of the motorized rudder surface and the double cone warhead. Usually the ballistic missile warhead is a revolving body similar to a normal bullet, but the Dongfeng 26 warhead. It uses a complex double cone structure. Through the structure of the double cone, very good precision can be obtained. After the ballistic missile re-enters the atmosphere, it needs to fly in a dense atmosphere, and its flight path will be affected. Therefore, through the double cone plus the motorized rudder surface, To achieve good accuracy requirements.

The Dongfeng 26 ballistic missile has the ability to hit the surface target. The simple point is that this missile can carry out the action against the aircraft carrier, and this is the level that leads the world. Ballistic missiles are a very high-tech aircraft. In addition to monitoring the targets, there are also missile control technologies. After the warheads re-enter the atmosphere, high-speed thermal barriers can be formed. During this period, conventional communications cannot be used. Ways to solve control problems are also difficult problems that other countries can’t solve.

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