Domestically Added To The Fierce, With The 055 Drive

Just when everyone focused on the domestic aircraft carrier sea trial and discussed when it can actually serve, another huge ship in China has set sail in Shanghai Yangfan to go to the South China Sea for trial missions. This huge ship is China’s self-built Xuelong No. 2, and its tonnage is larger than the 055 drive. Although it is not a new type of warship, its significance for the Antarctic expedition in China is no less than that of the domestic aircraft carrier to the People’s Navy. The meaning. Its launching, also let China’s polar science test into the new era of “Shuanglong” exploration!

The Antarctic continent is the continent that was finally discovered by humans. Because of the harsh weather conditions, it is not easy to go there. But it contains a myriad of scientific mysteries and rich resources, which also make scientists around the world very yearning. Moreover, exploring the Antarctic continent is also a manifestation of a country’s comprehensive national strength and scientific and technological level, with profound and significant scientific, economic and political significance. For this reason, many countries are “biased towards the Tiger Mountain” and China is one of them.

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