Domestic Aircraft Carrier Breaks The Waves Forward

The domestic aircraft carrier has been trialing several times since the launching of the launching water. So far, there have been five sea trials, and the test trial missions of mooring, power, combat, and security systems have been completed. Currently, only the carrier aircraft is left. Takeoff and landing test. At present, the construction speed of the Dalian Shipyard is very fast. The surface of the deck is basically covered with a black coating. At present, only the last gray coating is left unpainted. After the gray coating is sprayed, the domestic aircraft carrier will open the last sea test. At that time, the 歼-15 will also land on the deck to complete this historic moment. At the major time point of the 70th anniversary of the Navy, the domestic aircraft carrier will be delivered to the Navy. At that time, China will officially start the era of dual aircraft carriers. This moment we have been waiting for a long time.

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