Domestic Aircraft Carrier Begins The Ninth Sea Trial

When China’s domestic aircraft carrier can serve is a hot issue for the majority of military enthusiasts. Many people expect it to serve before the National Day, but the Chinese national defense researchers have a solid work style, and they have not swollen face and fat. That is to say, the domestic aircraft carrier is carrying out relevant tests one step at a time according to its own plans and actual conditions, and will not rush ahead. Yesterday’s news came that the domestic aircraft carrier started the ninth sea trial. In conjunction with the air navigation notice issued by the relevant departments, it is very likely that the sea trial is for the take-off and landing of aircraft.

The reason is very simple. The area that was banned this time is very close to a certain carrier-based training base of the People’s Liberation Army. Moreover, the previous several sea trials of domestic aircraft carriers carried out many tests on the power, electronic equipment, navigation system and other links, but the carrier aircraft was not seen. Nowadays, the domestic aircraft carrier is in service, and the take-off and landing of the carrier aircraft will become the last link of the sea trial. If this is the case, the Chinese Navy will soon welcome this heavyweight battleship.

The progress of the Chinese domestic aircraft carrier is gratifying, and the progress of the third aircraft carrier is also encouraging. According to public information, the development of the third aircraft carrier has already been put on the agenda. Many people have speculated on the performance of the third aircraft carrier. Some people say that it will use a straight-through deck and add a catapult. This should be the most reliable statement among many speculations. However, Chinese defense researchers have never let us down. I believe that after the domestic aircraft carrier is in service, the opportunity of the third aircraft carrier will soon be unveiled.

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