Deep-sea 1 Is In Position In The South China Sea

Built by our country independent research and development of the world’s first 10 ton semi-submersible production storage platform – the “number one” deep energy station, after the biggest offshore wind magnitude 9, the maximum of 8 meters upper transverse swing after 18 days, 1600 sea towage, arrived in southeast of hainan lingshui area, left a “deep” number one big gas fields (lingshui 17-2), open sea mooring, installation and debugging production, is China’s first 1500 meters proprietary deepwater large gas fields opened formally put into production.

According to CNOOC, the “Deep-sea No. 1” energy station was completed and delivered on January 14.On January 19, under the joint tow of three high-horsepower tugboats from Yantai, Shandong Province, the boat sailed through the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, and finally arrived at the predetermined location in the Lingshui Sea.

Liu Kongzhong, deputy general manager of the project team of CNOOC Lingshui 17-2, said that it is the first time for the deep-sea semi-submersible oil and gas production equipment with 53,000 tons (net weight) to carry out ultra-long distance towing in China, which faces many challenges such as complex and variable sea conditions, high towing amplitude, and high risk of multiple tugs colliding in parallel.

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