Decoding Technology Winter Olympics

Beijing, Feb. 16 (Zhongqing daily · zhongqing. com reporter Hu Ning and Shen Jiequn) at the special press conference of the science and technology Winter Olympics held by the Beijing News Center on the 16th of 2022, Huang Jing system, director of China Agenda 21 Management Center, described the “black technology” element in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics: at present, the world’s largest ultra-high definition LED three-dimensional stage, with integrated intelligent broadcast control system, Present ultra-high resolution video materials on all modules without delay; The snowflake structure of the main flare platform has made a number of innovations in design, hydrogen storage, hydrogen supply and combustion technology, showing the innovative practice of realizing the new concept of green and low carbon with high and new technology.

Technology makes the creativity at the opening ceremony more brilliant, which is by no means a day’s work. In 2017, the national key R & D plan set up a key special project of “science and technology Winter Olympics”. Zhu Xuehua, director of the social development science and Technology Department of the Ministry of science and technology, introduced that more than 200 technical achievements developed by more than 500 units and more than 10000 scientific researchers have been demonstrated and applied in test competitions, sports mobilization training and formal competitions around key scenes such as venues, operation, command, security, medical treatment, meteorology, transportation, broadcasting and watching competitions, It has provided strong support for the high-quality hosting and high-level participation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Yu Hong, director of the Technology Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, introduced that the “ice” surface of the national speed skating hall was the first to be manufactured by using carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling ice making technology in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, which provided a guarantee for athletes to create faster results, and has witnessed the birth of eight new Olympic records and one world record.

“Behind the numerous’ black technologies’ of this winter Olympic Games is a centralized display of Beijing’s scientific and technological innovation achievements. It is not only the dedication of scientific research institutions, but also the active participation and tackling of a large number of enterprises in the fields of new display, artificial intelligence, robotics and new materials in Zhongguancun.” Xu Qiang, director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said.

Xu Qiang introduced that science and technology makes epidemic prevention more controllable. The monitoring system of more than 150 bioaerosol COVID-19 can detect the air environment of each point in the stadium timely, and its sensitivity is 3 times higher than that of traditional methods. More than 30000 sets of multi sign sensing equipment were equipped for the event service support personnel to timely find and report physical abnormalities.

Long Fenjie, director of Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, introduced that Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology formulated and implemented the action plan for wisdom worship of science and technology Winter Olympics, established special projects for science and technology Winter Olympics, and supported more than 100 projects. At present, 46 project achievements are ensuring the holding of the Winter Olympic Games.

Long Fenjie mentioned that the “windbreak technology of outdoor snow project site” used in Yunding Ski Park has been highly recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the International Snow Federation; Beidou micro base station positioning system is installed in “xueruyi“, which realizes indoor sub meter accurate positioning for the first time; The key technology of meteorological forecast in complex mountainous areas has reached “100 meter level and minute level”.

“In the post Winter Olympics era, we will continue to provide application scenarios for the achievements of the scientific and technological Winter Olympics in urban development, so that the scientific and technological achievements of the Winter Olympics will move from the Winter Olympics to the application field of urban development and fly into the homes of ordinary people. It will also become a new driving force to promote the construction of Beijing International Science and technology center and the construction of a scientific and technological power.” Xu Qiang said.

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