The scientific and technological achievements at the forefront of Zhuhai Air Show have made their debut, and the blue sky event will start again.

Cutting-edge technology attracts attention

At this year’s air show, the exhibits have made major breakthroughs. A number of “high, fine and sharp” exhibits representing the world’s advanced level have come to the exhibition, especially the exhibitor structure, grade and quality of domestic exhibitors have been further optimized. For example, the Air Force -20, Yun-9, H-6K, Air Police-500, 歼-10B, JH-7A, Zhi-10K, Zhi-19 and other Air Force active aircraft models all appeared. Foreign trade models such as FTC-2000G and “Jilong” also showed a grand appearance.

The most anticipated is the 歼-20 stealth fighter. At this year’s air show, the performance of four 歼-20 stealth fighter formations became a business card that showed the strength of the air force and conveyed the confidence of the strong army.

Also highly anticipated is the debut of the 歼-10TVC (Vector Technology Verification Machine) fighter. This is the first flight show in China with a vector engine. At the same time, the 歼-10TVC also lived up to expectations, and the wonderful performance made the audience eager to enjoy.

In addition to some fighters, drones are also one of the highlights of previous Zhuhai airshows. The 11th Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group sent a rainbow drone family to participate in the delegation. In addition to the Rainbow-4 and the new generation Rainbow-5, the unmanned aerial vehicle unveiled, the large flying wing layout high-altitude high-speed stealth drone and tilting rotor For the first time, new models such as machines have been exhibited by real machines, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign aviation experts.

At the current Zhuhai Air Show, a large number of aerospace technology products such as high-performance launch vehicles, missiles, radars, and electronic equipment were also displayed. Among them, the new generation of carrier rocket family debuted for the first time, a new generation of manned rockets, a new generation of manned spacecraft, heavy-duty launch vehicles, space station core cabin, 嫦娥4 detector and “鹊桥” relay star, large thrust pump rear swing liquid Oxygen kerosene engines were exhibited for the first time. In addition, more than 60 large-scale products and more than 400 leading-edge products of China Electronics Technology Group will also be unveiled, showing multi-dimensional display of cutting-edge information products covering the whole field of “sea, land, air, sky and electricity”.

Inertial navigation system

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