CSIC Successfully Delivered The New Super Large Tanker

It was learned from China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Co., Ltd. that the newly-built 308,000-ton ultra-large oil tanker VLCC No. 1 “Suichun” was successfully delivered by the shipbuilding group owned by CSIC. The ship is based on the three 岚 bridge vessels such as the “Ruifeng” wheel that has been delivered before, and the new generation VLCC quality ship type carefully designed by further optimizing the design and construction process.

“Ruifeng” has a total length of 332.95 meters, a width of 60.00 meters, a depth of 30.00 meters, a carrying capacity of 308,000 tons, a maximum speed of about 15.7 knots, and an endurance of about 25,000 nautical miles. It can sail around the world. On February 12, 2018, the “Ruifeng”, known as the “big sea tyrant”, successfully berthed in Tianjin Port.

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