CQWCC Using MWD Wireless MWD Drilling Speed

November 27, the statistical data shows that Changqing Petroleum Exploration Bureau Corporation in the use of MWD implementation 410 wells drilling services, creating a number of drilling parameters, drilling speed effect is obvious. The effect is most pronounced in is in apricot 25 – 103 wells using the instrument to create the Changqing Oilfield The shortest drilling cycle 2.2 days of record.

In recent years, the Changqing Well Construction Company in the drilling production line vigorously promoting to use of advanced MWD wireless MWD, and achieved obvious acceleration effect. In 2007, company and has supporting the use of MWD 25 sets, 42 branches of service drilling crew reached next 410 wells. The horizontal oil wells 29 wells, wells and directional wells of 5 wells, well directional well 376 wells, horizontal gas well in two wells, in Block drilling speed received obvious effect.

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