Combined Advantages Of MEMS And Strapdown Inertial Navigation System

With the extensive application of inertial navigation in the aerospace and military fields, the research of inertial navigation technology in Yach industry is also constantly improved. The accuracy and stability of MEMS inertial device greatly expands its advantages and reduces its disadvantages for the combination with strapdown inertial navigation, and improves the posture and navigation performance of strapdown inertial navigation system.

Strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) is now the main development direction of inertial navigation.Due to the advantages of small size, light weight and low cost compared to the strapdown platform, and unlike the platform requiring mechanical and electrical platform, the startup time of the system is greatly shortened and the error of the platform inertial navigation system is eliminated.Compared with the platform inertial navigation system, the technology research of strapdown inertial navigation system and MEMS inertial navigation system is the power that we have been developing.

Because the strapdown inertial components are directly installed on the carrier to measure the acceleration and angular velocity, it is no longer necessary to stabilize the platform like the platform, but to replace the solid platform with the “mathematical platform” of the computer.The combination of MEMS inertial navigation device and strapdown inertial navigation can greatly reduce the occupied area of strapdown inertial navigation on the carrier, simplify the system hardware design and reduce the cost.

The combination of these two kinds of inertial guidance will be the inertial guidance technology pursued by the military and space research institute in the future.It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low cost and low power consumption.The combination of MEMS inertial navigation system and strapdown inertial navigation system is definitely not the main development direction of inertial navigation system in the future.

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