CIPPE 2017

On March 20-22, the annual world conference on oil equipment – the 17th China international petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition (CIPPE 2017) will be in Beijing, China international exhibition center (new) grand opening. From 65 countries and regions, nearly 1800 companies, including nearly 50 world 500 strong enterprises, Germany, Canada, Scotland, the United States and the like 18 countries pavilion.

Since 2001, CIPPE has successfully held the 17th, association for international exhibition organizers UFI certification, is the focus of the ministry of commerce of China to support the exhibition. In this year’s exhibition, CIPPE in petroleum exploration and development, offshore oil and gas, Marine engineering, oil and gas pipelines, shale gas, natural gas, explosion-proof equipment exhibition, on the basis of increasing exhibition area, fire safety valve area, oil field and land protection theme exhibition galleries of highly specialized, differentiation, such as purchasing for the oil and gas industry to provide more professional and accurate docking platform.

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