Chinese Version Sea Preset Ship

Recently, the Chinese Navy carried out the installation of a modular horizontal replenishment device for civilian ships for the first time to supply naval ships. A frigate and a supply ship of the Navy participated in the test. The civilian ships delivered dry cargo containers to the ships.

This test is of great significance. Civil ships not only have a large tonnage, but also a large number. The displacement of our new naval supply ship is 40,000 tons, but 100,000 tons and 200,000 tons of civilian ships are everywhere, and there are even larger ones. Although the speed of civilian ships is slow, they can be used as maritime supply stations in specific sea areas, providing supplies for naval ships, especially supply ships, and supply ships for combat ships. Supply ships do not have to travel back and forth between the home port and the mission area.

Modular replenishment device is the focus of this test. According to reports, it only takes a short time to install this equipment for civilian ships. This test is carried out by dry cargo container at sea, and it can also be extended to oil and water supply in the future. Ocean operations are increasing, and the demand for supplies is also increasing. For example, the escort of the Gulf of Aden highlights the shortage of supply ships, and promotes the rapid development of China’s 903 and 901 supply ships. Thank you for giving vegetables and fruits to naval ships, but it is definitely not a standard supply device, but transport by helicopter, etc. If you want to supply in large quantities, you must use a standard supply device.

This seemingly insignificant supply is actually of great significance to military operations. Our naval ocean operations have not started for a long time. In peacetime, some port supplies can also be resolved through diplomatic channels. The Navy has long taken a multi-pronged approach. Not only is the global presence of overseas military bases, but also a dedicated maritime preset fleet, equipped with dozens of maritime preset ships similar to civilian ships, preset in sensitive sea areas around the world, especially for emergency operations overseas. Deployment of weapons and equipment. In the 1991 Gulf War, the U.S. military spent half a year transporting equipment to build up troops. After using a large number of maritime preset ships, the same scale of assembly took only 10 days.

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