Chinese Rocket Engine

This is the success of China Aerospace after the successful landing on the back of the moon. The 500-ton liquid-oxygen kerosene rocket engine YF-480 was tested with a fuel-turbine pump. The part involved in this test actually became a rocket. The core part of the engine is also the most difficult place in the technology. Once a breakthrough is made, the entire engine can be assembled. The main development work is coming to an end and the final test and commissioning phase begins.

Don’t underestimate this achievement. The high-thrust liquid rocket engine is a very sophisticated product. Any technology used is not simple. It is mostly cutting-edge technology. No one spends money on it. There are only two countries in the world. It has produced more than 500 tons of products, one is the American F1 engine, but unfortunately it was discontinued decades ago, and the other is the Russian RD170 engine, so we can make it out, it is quite simple.

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