Chinese Private Rockets Successfully Launched For The First Time In Orbit

This afternoon, the private rocket company Xingji Glory’s hyperbolic No. 1 remote (SQX-1 Y1) solid-state launch vehicle was launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China, and sent multiple satellites and payloads into a predetermined orbit at a height of 300 kilometers.

At 13:00 on July 25, the time is fixed at this moment, which is a milestone for China’s private aerospace industry.

It is reported that SQX-1 Y1 adopts a three-stage series configuration of three solids and one liquid, with a total length of 21 meters, a maximum diameter of 1.4 meters, a take-off weight of 31 tons, and a 500-kilometre SSO orbit carrying capacity of 260 kilograms.

The SQX-1 Y1 carries two satellites, Aerospace Science and Space Engineering Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Institute of Technology, which are equipped with three final-stage loads such as CCTV’s future star verification load, watermelon maker load and Star Age-6 load. Plus two commercial weights.

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