Chinese Private Aerospace

For today’s Chinese aerospace, rocket launching and satellite trajectory are commonplace. However, a space launch mission recently implemented has become a major news event in China’s space and even international space.

At the end of July, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu, the hyperbolic No. 1 remote and Changan Oushan carrier rocket flew into the sky and accurately launched two satellite loads into the orbit. This is a major achievement of China’s private space force after years of hard work. breakthrough. It shows that in addition to the increasingly powerful “national team” of China’s spaceflight, a number of private space forces have been exposed.

The launch of the hyperbolic No.1 remote-long Chang’an Auchan carrier rocket created two “firsts” in the history of China’s private commercial aerospace, that is, the first successful launch of China’s private commercial space launch vehicle and high-precision orbit; The first “one arrow double star” launch of China’s private commercial aerospace was in orbit. “Frozen three feet, not a cold day.” Behind these two “first” glory is the hard work of the Chinese private space industry for many years of hard work.

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