Chinese Mars Probe Debuts For The First Time

Recently, according to media reports, China has set its sights on another planet, but this time it is not the moon, but Mars. Recently, the Chinese Mars probe was unveiled for the first time. This detector has already started testing and the construction speed is faster than Imagine, and this time the official also gave a timetable for landing. If everything goes well next year, it can be launched. Even Russia has said that it is full of black technology and hopes it will reach Mars successfully.

It is well known that China has just realized the back landing of the moon. Why should we immediately explore Mars? The reason is actually very simple, because in the solar system, Mars is the closest planet to the Earth, and the surface is also protected by the atmosphere. The planet is also relatively moderately located from the Earth. The current technology has put the detector on and delivered it. Mars is the reason why China prefers Mars as the next landing planet.

But even if Mars is the closest planet to the Earth, it is not easy to land. The closest distance between the two is 50 million kilometers. If the detector needs to land on Mars, it will take a long time, even if it can It is not easy to send Mars to Mars to land safely. Because of this long-distance transmission, there must be a delay in the signal command, so this step can only re-plan the Mars probe.

After landing on Mars, it is also possible to detect whether the planet is suitable for human habitation, because the earth’s environment is now getting worse and worse, and the population is also increasing. It is inevitable to move to other planets in the future. If Mars can be developed first. This can also solve the worries of human beings and prepare for the immigration of Mars in the future.

Even if the planet is not suitable for living, there may be a variety of mineral resources buried underground. If these resources are developed, it will undoubtedly solve the energy crisis problem and enable humans to achieve sustainable development. Human beings are constantly moving into space, and entering the space age is also a historical necessity. At the same time, if the Chinese detector successfully landed on Mars, it will be a huge breakthrough for China’s space industry.

On the landing of the Mars project, it was first proposed by the United States, but the United States is currently only launching a probe to the surface of Mars, and the project is progressing very slowly. If China can succeed on landing on Mars, then China is likely to And beyond the United States, let China take the lead in the space field.

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