China’s New Spacecraft Completes First High-speed LAN Space Test

Two days ago, China ’s new generation of manned spacecraft test ship, which was lifted off on the Long March 5B carrier rocket, ushered in the latest progress today: the new spacecraft completed an on-orbit high-speed local area network test and connected the various systems of the spacecraft. With this network, future astronauts can enjoy the same services as smart homes in the “Space House”.

This is the first time that China has carried out the space experiment of this technology, which indicates that China has the core technical capabilities in this field.

According to Lin Yue, the chief designer of the 502 Information Network Piloting System of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, this test task is called “Time Triggered Ethernet Spaceborne Prototype System”, which simply means that researchers have built a high-speed local area network inside the spacecraft . At present, the test results have met the expected index of the task, and the speed has reached the level of Gigabit network. Compared with the traditional data bus, the performance of the current mainstream local area network has been increased by 1000 times.

Lin Yue said that in the future, through this system, a smart spacecraft information system similar to a smart home can also be formed in the space station. Not only are there a large number of equipment and nodes in large and complex spacecraft, but the communication relationship between them is also very complicated. But after joining this network and this set of equipment, the entire spacecraft can be made into a state similar to a large family local area network.


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