China’s Largest Segmented Solid Rocket Engine Has Been Successfully Tested

China’s independently developed solid stage booster with the largest diameter, the largest amount of charge and the longest working time — civil aerospace 3.3m stage large solid rocket motor achieved a successful ground thermal test in Xi ‘an, which will boost the promotion and expansion of China’s new generation of launch vehicle capability.

Developed by the Fourth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation LTD., the segmated large solid rocket engine is 11.6 meters long, 3.2 meters in diameter and divided into three sections.As the “hercules” in China’s solid rocket engine family, this type of engine has been successfully tested, which has fully verified the segmental-type solid engine’s segmental-type solid engine docking technology, and enabled China to further master the design scheme, theory and method of the segmental-type solid engine.

“We will continue to expand the segment to meet China’s higher development needs of space equipment, manned lunar exploration and deep space exploration.”Wang Jianru, chief designer of the large thrust solid engine in the Fourth Academy of Astronautics, said.


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