China’s Beidou World’s Beidou

On July 31, the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was officially opened. The independent, open and compatible satellite navigation system built by my country has since moved on to the stage of the times to serve the world and benefit mankind. This is a proud announcement, reflecting the hard-won of this huge and complex space system that is completely self-constructed and operated independently; it is also an enthusiastic invitation, which reflects that China Beidou, as a major public service infrastructure contributing to the world, is committed to The sincerity and determination to provide navigation and positioning services to the world.

While enjoying convenient and efficient navigation services, people strongly feel the power of bringing dreams into reality, and deeply admire the persistence of pursuing excellence in order to realize their dreams. Yang Changfeng, chief designer of China’s Beidou satellite navigation system project, said: “Beidou was created by the party and the state mobilizing thousands of troops. It was a united effort by hundreds of thousands of people across the project. It was supported by the strong support of the broad masses of people. The Beidou satellite navigation system has condensed the hard work of countless people to continue their struggle, is full of the Chinese nation’s self-improvement, refreshed the “China speed” of a technological power, demonstrated the “Chinese precision” of independent innovation, and demonstrated openness and tolerance. Chinese tolerance”. The congratulatory messages from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission spoke highly of, “The completion and opening of the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system is an important milestone for China to climb the technological peak and become a powerful aerospace power. It is a major milestone for China’s global public service infrastructure construction. Contribution is a major and landmark strategic achievement made by socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era.”

To “navigate” for others, we must first know how our “road” is going. It started late, with a weak foundation, and independently built a world-class satellite navigation system. It was once considered an impossible task by Western countries. From creatively proposing the concept of “dual satellite positioning” and drawing a blueprint for the “three-step” development, to completing the first satellite launch at the end of the satellite navigation frequency band overdue, and getting the “admission ticket” to enter the global satellite navigation system club, and then In more than two years, the high-density launch of 18 Arrows and 30 stars and the completion of global networking have made the impossible possible by Chinese astronauts. Cracking the “impossibility” of spaceborne atomic clocks, Beidou domestic chips, inter-satellite links, etc., experienced over 160 core key technologies and world-class problems, breakthroughs in the localization of more than 500 instrument components, shining “hybrid” With the unique sparks of Chinese wisdom such as constellation and short message communication, the Beidou satellite navigation system has embarked on an independent, innovative and surpassing development path with Chinese characteristics.

China’s Beidou is a first-class Beidou and the Beidou of the world. “China is willing to share the achievements of Beidou system construction and development with other countries, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the global satellite navigation industry.” At present, the compatibility and interoperability of the Beidou satellite navigation system with the satellite navigation systems of the United States, Russia, and Europe continue to deepen, allowing global users to enjoy the benefits of multiple systems. The Beidou system has been used in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and the image of China’s Beidou as a national business card continues to enjoy popular support. China’s construction of the Beidou satellite navigation system completely relies on its own strength, but after its completion, it has actively opened it to the world. This open and integrated mindset and concept has made the “circle of friends” of the Beidou satellite navigation system larger and larger, and will further temper the ability of the Beidou satellite navigation system to serve the world.

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