China Xingyun Project Plans To Launch 12 Satellites In 2021

Xingyun Project is my country’s first low-orbit narrowband IoT satellite constellation independently invested and constructed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation of China Aerospace Sanjiang Aerospace Xingyun Technology Co., Ltd. It is divided into three stages: α, β, and γ. Around 2023, a constellation composed of 80 low-orbit communication satellites will be built.

The so-called space-based Internet of Things refers to the information ecosystem that connects various communication nodes on a global scale through a satellite system and provides an organic connection between people-things and things-things. It covers a wide area, is not affected by climatic conditions, and is resistant to the system. It has the characteristics of strong destructiveness and high reliability, and has broad application prospects. According to the relevant person in charge of the Xingyun project, the Xingyun project aims to solve the problem of communication blind spots caused by the current ground-based Internet of Things business due to insufficient ground cellular communication network coverage.

On May 12 this year, Xingyun Project first launched the “Xingyun II” 01 and 02 stars successfully into orbit, marking the completion of the α-phase construction task of Xingyun Project. At present, the two satellites have completed the first phase of technical verification including platform and load status test, feeder link communication test, user link communication test, communication business process test, and inter-satellite laser communication load test.


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