China Will Organize The Last Two Beidou Satellite Launches In March And May This Year

China will organize the last two Beidou-3 networking satellite launches in March and May 2020 to complete the global networking of Beidou satellite navigation system.

On February 14th, the Long March IIIB carrier rocket that carried out the first Beidou satellite launch mission this year arrived at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center as scheduled. Together with the Beidou satellite that had arrived earlier, it was intensively carrying out various tests in the launching area.

On February 15th, Beidou Transportation Control sent a battle report: the 41st, 49th, 50th, and 51st satellites of Beidou Satellite Navigation System have completed on-orbit testing, officially entered the network, and continued to improve the service capabilities of Beidou Satellite Navigation System for stable operation .

It is understood that since the beginning of February, nearly 200 researchers from the Beidou Satellite System and Rocket System Test Team have entered the launch site, and other types of satellites and rockets have been tested at the same time. During the critical period of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, the satellite and rocket test teams strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, adhered to the zero-report system, and carried out dynamic management based on the epidemic situation. The satellite system also dispatched nearly 10 professionals from Beijing’s “rear” to remotely interpret data for the forward test team to ensure the smooth deployment of the mission.

According to the Beidou Global Networking Plan, China will organize the last two Beidou-3 network satellite launches in March and May this year, and finally realize the “global dream” that several generations of Beidou people are pursuing. At present, the whole line of the project is stepping up preparations in a combat-ready state to ensure the smooth implementation of tasks.

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