China Will Launch The Core Module Of Its Space Station In The First Half Of This Year

China plans to launch the core module of its space station in the first half of this year, followed by the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft.At present, the core module has basically completed all the test work, the astronauts and crew members have been selected, and the mission training is underway.

New technologies, such as regenerative and life-saving technologies and robotic arms, will be fully verified during the verification phase of key technologies. Astronauts will also carry out multiple extravetions from space.

With the successful completion of the space lab mission in 2017, the construction of a space station, the third step of China’s manned space program, is in full swing, and the space station is planned to be completed around 2022.According to the mission plan, construction of the space station will be carried out in two phases.Among them, the key technology verification stage arranged the core module launch and other six flight missions.


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