China Successfully Launches Communication Technology Test Satellite No. 5

At 23:20 on January 7, 2020, China successfully launched the communication technology test satellite No. 5 with the Long March No. 3 B launch vehicle at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The satellite entered the orbit smoothly, and the mission was a complete success, and China’s space launch will usher in a good start in 2020.

Communication technology test satellite No. 5 is mainly used for satellite communication, broadcasting and television, data transmission and other services, and carries out high-throughput technology test verification.

Communication technology test satellites No. 5 and Long March No. 3B carrier rockets were developed by the Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute and the China Academy of Carrier Rocket Technology, respectively, affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Just in 2019, the Long March 3A series rockets were launched a total of 12 times, and in April 2019, it became China’s first single series of rockets with more than 100 launch missions. In 2020, the Changjia III rockets are expected to perform about 10 launch missions throughout the year, and they will still be China’s busiest rockets. The Changjia III rockets include Changjia III, Changjia III, and Changjia III C rockets.

The mission is the 109th launch of the Long Three-A series rocket, and the 324th space flight of the Long March carrier rocket.

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