China Successfully Launched Ocean II C Satellite

China used the Long March 4 Yiyao 41 carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center to successfully launch the Ocean 2C satellite into the air. The satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit and the mission was a complete success.

Ocean-2C is the second operational satellite in the series of China’s national civil space infrastructure marine power satellites. After the satellite is in orbit, it mainly realizes high-precision and high-resolution real-time observation of sea surface height, effective wave height, and sea surface wind field, and has the ability to identify ships, and to receive, store and forward buoy measurement data in China’s offshore and other waters.

Ocean II C satellite will operate in conjunction with Ocean II B satellite launched in October 2018 and subsequent oblique orbit satellites to form the China Ocean Dynamic Environment Monitoring Network, which can complete 80% of the world’s sea surface wind fields within 6 hours monitor. Compared with Ocean-2A and Ocean-2B, the satellite operates in a 66-degree inclined orbit, which enhances the ability to quickly revisit the sea surface wind field.

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