China Space Station Dream Sky Experiment Cabin II Space Application Program

According to reports, the basic configuration of the China Space Station includes Tianhe Core Cabin, Tiantian Experimental Cabin I and Mengtian Experimental Cabin II, each of which has a scale of 20 tons. The mission of the space application system Dreamland Experiment Module II is to conduct scientific research and experiments in the fields of space science and application such as microgravity basic physics, space materials science, microgravity fluid physics and combustion science. The scientific experiment project mainly passes the science in the cabin. The experiment cabinet is implemented.

In addition, Mengtian Experimental Cabin II also arranges in-orbit support equipment such as application information management equipment, internal and external distributors of payload cabins, application fluid circuits, and nitrogen supply systems to provide information, power distribution, thermal control, etc. for the experimental cabin II payload. Shared support.

The review experts listened to and reviewed the summary report on the development of the experimental cabin II mission plan of the space station engineering space application system. It was agreed that the overall design of the mission was reasonable and feasible, and the functions and performances met the overall requirements of the project.

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