China Showed A Mysterious Equipment In The Military Exercise

On May 2, the Chinese and Russian navies participating in the Sino-Russian “Sea Joint-2019” military exercise carried out a joint aid submarine rescue drill in a sea area outside the Shandong Peninsula. During the exercise, the two navies organized for the first time the two submarine lifeboats to dock the other submarine and actually transfer the crew. It is reported that during the exercise, the Chinese Navy’s “Long Island” submarine rescue ship carried the LR7 deep submersible submarine to the “sea of the accident”. It took only one hour. The LR7 rescue submarine completed the submarine with the submarine Russian submarine. Underwater docking, the life-saving drill mission was successfully completed. The domestic media mentioned in the report that this is a deep submersible submarine with the “world’s most advanced level”.

In recent years, the Chinese naval fleet has developed and improved faster than any navy that has been used as an opponent. Today, the Chinese navy has grown into a powerful sea force equipped with 78 submarines. The rapid increase in the combat strength of the Chinese Navy’s submarines is of course inseparable from the training that is getting farther and farther away from home, and this adds a lot of risks. Therefore, the Chinese Navy deliberately strengthens the development of submarine rescue forces, not only for the timely rescue of possible accidents of its own submarines, but also for the moral responsibility of participating in the rescue of international submarine accidents – for example, can be invited to participate in similar “Kursk” The rescue of the submarine accident. It can be said that after the submarine rescue exercise with Russia, the Chinese submarine rescue force may appear more in international exercises in the future.

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