China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Has Also Developed A Heavy Weapon

According to the media, the “sea-eye system” developed by CSIC 715 for five years has been hailed as a national weapon. It is a cutting-edge underwater sound detection technology that has overcome six world-class problems and has been promoted and applied. .

According to the analysis, popularly speaking, once deployed on a 5,000-ton marine monitoring vessel, the technology can fully monitor the seabed and fully monitor it. In fact, it is a large-scale retractable anti-submarine towed line array super sonar. Its remote anti-submarine performance is leading the world. It can be said that the successful development of this advanced system means that we have found a way to counter the world’s most advanced nuclear submarine – the Virginia-class attack nuclear submarine has nowhere to hide.

This system is designed for the Chinese Type 927 Ocean Acoustic Surveillance Catamaran. After deployment, it will become a natural enemy of nuclear submarines. At present, the world’s best towed sonar can detect a distance of 500 kilometers. China can confidently claim to be the world’s leading level, indicating that the detection distance of the “sea eye system” will exceed 500 kilometers.

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