China’s Mars Probe ‘true Capacity’ First Public

On October 9, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group released the news of the “General Technology and Engineering Application of the New Generation Manned Rocket of 5 Meters Diameter Module” to the outside world, and announced that it has successfully passed the acceptance review organized by the China Manned Space Engineering Office and expressed to the outside world. : “The monthly capacity is over 25 tons! The new generation of manned rocket pre-research project has been successfully accepted.”

The review experts agreed that the latest results of the research project can be used in the development of China’s new generation of manned launch vehicle engineering, marking a solid step forward for the Chinese people’s moon landing plan. According to this expert, according to the current progress of various new technologies and moon landing projects in China, it is only a matter of time before China develops manned landings.

On the same day, China was on the same day, and Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. first publicized the photo of the Chinese Mars probe “Zhen Rong”. According to Academician Ye Peijian, chief scientist of space science and deep space exploration at the China Academy of Space Technology, China will launch a Mars probe next year and plan to land on Mars in 2021. China’s Mars probe is temporarily named “Mars No.1”.

It is reported that “Mars Rushing Day” occurs every 26 months. At that time, the Sun, Earth, and Mars are in a straight line. At this point in time, Mars exploration is carried out. The route of the detector is the shortest, so the fuel is the most economical.

The closest to the current “Mars Rushing Day” detection window is 2020, lost this opportunity or it will be pushed back more than two years. Previously, the US Insights Detector was originally planned to be launched in 2016. Due to an instrument failure, it had to be postponed until 2018.

This time China will jointly explore Mars through Mars satellites, Mars landers and Mars cars. The current Mars car is ready. According to public information from relevant departments, China’s first Mars exploration will achieve a soft landing, release a Mars rover on the surface of Mars, and conduct patrol detection. Compared with the exploration of the lunar exploration project, the implementation of the No. 1 and No. 2 was carried out around the moon, and the third landing on the third was only a soft landing. China’s Mars exploration will be completed in one battle, one-time three steps to explore the moon. This is unprecedented in the history of world space.

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