China’s Heavy Rocket Engine Piloted The Turbo Pump This Month

The turbo pump is the “heart” of the liquid rocket engine. It is combined with the gas generator to simulate the working condition of the gas-driven turbo pump when the rocket is launched. The oxidant and fuel in the tank are propelled into the combustion chamber.

The turbo pump is small but powerful. The rocket launches hundreds of tons of fuel to be burned in a matter of minutes, all relying on the high-speed delivery of turbo pumps. Take the 120-ton engine with the largest thrust in China on the Long March 5 rocket as an example. A turbo pump can “pump” the ground water to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In comparison, the 500-ton engine that will be used in the Long March 9 heavy-duty rocket will have several times the power of the turbo pump and will complete several times of fuel delivery.

The joint test situation will be related to whether the engine can complete the assembly of the whole machine on schedule around June this year. Liu Zhirang introduced that the complete assembly of the turbo pump after the joint test indicates that the coordination of the main components, structures and interfaces has been basically determined.

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