China’s First Cruiser Was Born!

Foreign countries think that the 055 ship is a cruiser. It is not only the reason that the displacement is much more than 10,000 tons, but also the ship’s information integration capability is very powerful-equipped with the most advanced radar communication electronic equipment,

Not only is it equipped with new types of air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship, and anti-submarine weapons, it also has powerful air defense and anti-missile capabilities and long-range sea and land strike capabilities. This is usually the powerful combat power of surface battle ships such as cruisers.

Moreover, so-called cruisers generally have a single-ship integrated combat capability. In addition to escort aircraft carrier formations, they generally have the ability to lead other ships to conduct ocean operations, and can serve as a flagship to command a formation to perform global combat missions.

Judging from various data, the 055 ship obviously has the standards of cruisers considered by foreign countries, so it is determined to characterize it as a guided missile cruiser rather than a destroyer.

This is not incontrovertible. After all, in order to disguise some threats, even if the 055 ship has the characteristics of a cruiser, China will not call it such a ship because it will touch the sensitive nerves of neighboring countries.

And insisting that it belongs to China’s fourth-generation destroyer-the United States’ DDG-1000 has a displacement of 2000 tons more than the 055 ship. Doesn’t it also claim to be a destroyer, which also makes China a target for comparison.

However, as China’s first “all-phased array radar ship”, the 055 ship is indeed extraordinary in combat capability, which will be best reflected in future global missions.

According to the analysis, as the main surface combat ship of the Chinese navy going to the global ocean in the future, the 055 ship, whether it is serving as the captain of the Chinese aircraft carrier or the flagship of the Chinese Navy’s large-scale special mixed formation, will frequently appear in all oceans worldwide Become an indisputable fact.

The first batch of construction plans for this ship is eight, which will be fully commissioned by 2025, while the number of aircraft carriers served by the Chinese Navy during the same period is 4 (2 skids + 2 electromagnetic ejection conventional power), so each China The standard equipment of the aircraft carrier formation is two 055 ships, which will provide a safe protective umbrella for the aircraft carrier formation.


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