China’s First Amphibious Assault Ship Launched

On September 25th, Shanghai held the launching ceremony of China’s first amphibious assault ship. The ship is the first type of amphibious assault ship independently developed by China, with strong amphibious operations and the ability to perform diverse tasks. Next, the ship will carry out equipment commissioning, mooring and navigation tests as planned.

The amphibious assault ship is also known as the amphibious assault ship. In the world naval category, the amphibious assault ship is second only to the aircraft carrier. It is mainly used for amphibious operations in enemy coastal areas, with air force as the mainstay and surface force as the supplement, and air force to prioritize sweeping assaults. At the same time, internal forces such as tanks and landing forces can carry out strategic tasks of sending troops to the coast under the cover of aircraft carriers and other naval weapons, and provide air and surface support behind the line.

The amphibious assault ship was developed from a helicopter aircraft carrier and has a long deck similar to the aircraft carrier. It is commonly known as the “small flat roof” and can carry twenty or thirty helicopters and vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing combat aircraft. It has a docking bay for loading landing craft. Suitable for performing stereoscopic landings, amphibious assaults and diversified missions; amphibious assault ships have more intensive self-protection weapons than most aircraft carriers, and in many cases they do not require frigates to protect them.

According to the mission requirements and design concepts of the amphibious assault ships built by the navies of different countries, the actual use planning is also different. At present, the US Navy can draw a clear classification line between aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. Amphibious attack ships in other countries often have a high degree of overlap with the mission roles of helicopter aircraft carriers or light aircraft carriers, or even a clear classification. In some countries without an aircraft carrier, the amphibious assault ship often acts as the carrier’s position and becomes the flagship of the fleet.

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