China’s ‘Double Dragon Scientific Examination’ Is About To Begin In The Southern Ocean

China’s “Snow Dragon 2” polar scientific icebreaker carried out a comprehensive scientific research in the Southern Ocean astronaut sea on the 24th. On the same day, “Snow Dragon” went to the Amundsen Sea to conduct a comprehensive scientific study, which means that the 36th Antarctic expedition in China The “Double Dragon Scientific Examination” is about to begin in the Southern Ocean.

China’s 36th Antarctic Expedition is the first time that China has implemented the “Double Dragon Exploration”. “Snow Dragon 2” set sail from Shenzhen to Antarctica on October 15th. One week later, “Snow Dragon” set off from Shanghai. The two ships met for the first time in Hobart, Australia on November 7, and then passed through the westerly belt to enter The Southern Ocean meets in the dense ice floes and arrives at the sea near Zhongshan Station.

After completing the operation of Zhongshan Station, “Xuelong 2” carried some scientific expedition members to the astronaut sea for comprehensive scientific research on December 3. At present, the scientific research team has carried out a number of cross-section and station operations, and carried out multidisciplinary scientific research operations such as physical oceans, marine chemistry, marine ecology, and marine geology.

After completing the tasks of unloading at Zhongshan Station, “Xuelong” left Zhongshan Station on December 9 and returned to Hobart Port for supplies and personnel rotation. On the 24th, it departed for the Amonsen Sea and other sea areas for scientific investigation. The team members participating in the construction of the new station on the island of Encosberg were sent to their destination.

“The marine environment survey conducted in the astronaut sea, the Amundsen sea and other sea areas will focus on Antarctic climate change and marine ecology, etc., to study in depth the role and impact of Antarctica in global climate change, and improve the level of China’s Antarctic environmental observation , To further strengthen our understanding of Antarctica. “Said Xia Limin, leader of the 36th Antarctic Expedition in China.

It is understood that in addition to the “Snow Dragon 2” and “Snow Dragon” 2 ships, the focus of the 36th Antarctic expedition in China also includes “4 stations”, namely Zhongshan Station, Great Wall Station, Taishan Station and New station on the island of Encosberg under construction. At present, the team members participating in the construction of the new station on the island of Encosberg are taking the “Snow Dragon” to their destination, and the scientific research of the other 3 stations has been fully launched.

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