China’s Anti-stealth Drone Is On The Web,The Design Equals To The J-20 ,Maybe The World’s Largest.

The world’s first drone has been around for more than 80 years.Early unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) actually are not under the attention of many countries, until the 1990 s, the Gulf War, UAV with its incomparable advantages quickly appeared in front of the world, let see UAV brought about the huge advantage in the war.

Anti UAV Defence System

In the recent report of Huanqiu network, we understand that the “Shen-Eagle” dual-body that was exposed in China a few years ago reappear on the Internet.The aircraft has long been seen as a high-altitude anti-stealth drone, and it is likely to be the world’s largest.

Some analysts have pointed out that, apart from its maximum anti-stealth performance, the most obvious one is its body design.It has abandoned the wing design of the traditional UAV and adopted a duck layout that is not inferior to the J-20, which greatly improves the maneuverability of the UAV and makes it more advantageous in the air.It is believed that once the aircraft is in service with the Chinese air force, it will be a great help to the air force!

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