China Refreshed Its Own World Record

According to the National Space Administration, at 10:46 on August 25, 2020, “Yutu 2” has completed its 21st month of work and entered the moonlight dormancy period. This action also means “Yutu The No. 2 has worked on the moon for 600 days, and the 600-day performance has successfully refreshed the world record held by the “Yutu No. 2”.

It is reported that on December 12, 2019, “Yutu II” broke the record of the former Soviet Union “Lunar Rover One” and became the lunar rover with the longest working hours on the moon. In addition, the cumulative travel distance of the lunar rover has reached 519.29 meters, which also refreshes the travel distance of the previous “Yutu II”.

Scientists have calculated that the moon is now known to have more than 100 mineral resources such as titanium and nickel, of which at least five are not found on the earth. In addition, there are at least one million tons of helium-3 resources on the moon. This resource may become the preferred raw material for controllable nuclear fusion in the future, which is one of the driving forces for the Chinese Space Administration to actively explore the moon.

In addition to such gratifying results, Chinese scientists have achieved results in many aspects using the instruments carried on the “Yutu II”.


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