China Long March Series Carrier Rocket Successfully Achieved 300 Launches

According to statistics, the success rate of 300 launches of the Long March rocket is about 96%. In the third 100 launches, the Long March rocket sent a total of 225 spacecraft into a predetermined orbit, with a launch success rate of 97%, leading the world.

In particular, in 2018, the number of consecutive successful launches of the Long March rocket reached 37 times. It was the first in the world for the first time to live alone in the world. In the history of space launches in the world for nearly 20 years, it was the highest number of consecutive successful launches. A new record for world space launches.

Shang Zhi, director of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, told the reporter that the Long March series of launch vehicles achieved the first 100 launches for 37 years, with an average annual launch of 2.7 times; the second 100 launches took 7.5 years, with an average annual launch of 13.3 times; Three 100 launches took only four years and averaged 23.5 shots per year.

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