China Has Two More ‘eyes’ Officially On Duty

China’s high-resolution Earth observation system’s high-scoring satellites No. 5 and No. 6 were officially put into use. This is the practice of the high-scoring special innovation system and mechanism, which marks the formation of the most applicable high-spectral capability of the space-based observation capability with high spatial resolution, high temporal resolution and high spectral resolution.

High score No.5 is the satellite with the highest spectral resolution in China. It is also the first full-spectrum hyperspectral satellite for comprehensive observation of the atmosphere and land in the world. It can realize the fusion application of various observation data for environmental monitoring and resource exploration in China. High-quality, high-reliability hyperspectral data is provided by industries such as disaster prevention and mitigation. It has a demonstration role in the application of high-resolution resolution remote sensing satellites in China, and has great strategic significance in mastering the autonomy of hyperspectral remote sensing information resources and meeting national needs.

The high-scoring satellite 6 is a high-resolution optical satellite with high mobility and flexibility in the high-scoring special space-based system. The satellite and the high-scoring satellite network have realized two-day revisiting observations on China’s land areas, greatly improving the scale and timeliness of remote sensing data acquisition, and effectively making up for the medium-high spatial resolution multi-spectral satellite resources at home and abroad. Insufficient, improve the self-sufficiency rate and application range of domestic remote sensing satellite data.

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