China Has Released A New Product, Which Is Called The Necessary Technology For The Next Six Generations

On August 27th, the 14th Moscow International Aerospace Exhibition kicked off. China was invited to be the first guest country to be established at the Moscow Air Show. China brought the latest products of “Ace”, the model of “LJ-I” drone and the CR929 long-range wide-body aircraft. Made in China became the most eye-catching exhibition. The “star”.

It is understood that the “LJ-I” drone is about 4.7 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The body is coated with a stealth coating. It has “stealing standby” while possessing stealth skills, and its mobility is very strong. It also has the ability to electronic countermeasures and electromagnetic interference. As a high-subsonic drone, the LJ-I is fully capable of simulating fourth- or fifth-generation fighters. In addition, a demonstration animation was broadcast at the Russian Air Show, which really showed the application scene of this drone.

A H-6K released a number of LJ-I drones in flight, they formed formations and took different routes to launch attacks on the 052D destroyers on the sea. Despite the stealth skills of the LJ-I drone, the destroyer still detected the whereabouts of the drone through the radar system and fired missiles to destroy all incoming aircraft. It can be said that the LJ-I drone is a new generation of “unmanned aircraft bee colony” products in China, and is also considered to be a necessary technology for the next six generations of China.

In fact, the LJ-I drone is equivalent to a Chinese target machine used to practice opponents. Through the practice with drones, the Chinese military can gain experience in dealing with stealth fighters and develop corresponding practice techniques and tactics. This video is the best embodiment of the use of this drone. And in the many contacts, we can also find out the weaknesses of the “vulnerabilities” of the drones, and on this basis, develop new weapons against the blows. This will allow China to prepare for future potential conflicts with hostile stealth fighters. In addition to military models, the CR929 passenger aircraft brought by China Commercial Aircraft has also attracted the attention of the community.

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