China Has Developed A Heavy-lift Carrier Rocket That Can Be Used To Land People On Fire

Long March No. 9 is a heavy-lift carrier rocket that is being demonstrated and predeveloped in China.

“According to the carrying capacity, carrier rockets can be divided into small, medium, large and heavy. We generally refer to rockets with a takeoff weight of more than 2,000 tons and a maximum carrying capacity of 100 tons in low orbit as heavy-lift carrier rockets.”“During the Cold War, the Saturn 5 of the United States, the N-1 of the Soviet Union and the Energy were all heavy carrier rockets,” Huang Zhicheng, an aerospace expert, told

At present, the carrying capacity of the strongest rocket is long March 5, its orbit capacity can reach 25 tons, ranking third in the world active rocket, the first is that America’s “falcon heavy rockets, its orbit maximum carrying capacity of about 63 tons, the second is the” delta “of the United States – 4 rockets, maximum carrying capacity about 28 tons.

“If we want to send people to the moon and land on fire in the future, the best choice is to use a heavy-lift carrier rocket. The Long March-5 rocket cannot meet the current capacity, so we need a heavy-lift carrier rocket like the Long March-9.”Huang Zhicheng said.

Now, the demonstration work of the Long March 9 is basically completed, and some key technological pre-studies have also made major breakthroughs, laying the foundation for the formal approval of the project.Luan Enjie, the first commander-in-chief of China’s lunar exploration program, also revealed the latest progress in the development of heavy-lift carrier rockets.According to a CCTV military report on February 28, Luan Enjie said that the demonstration phase of the 100-ton heavy carrier rocket has been basically completed and the project has entered the following stage, and the research work on the heavy rocket is expected to start during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Luan pointed out that the upgrade of the vehicle will rapidly improve China’s ability to enter space and accelerate the construction of space infrastructure.

At present, during the national “two sessions”, representatives from the space committee also revealed the heavy carrier rocket related news.China’s space agency will continue to develop a new generation of manned carrier rocket and a heavy-lift carrier rocket during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the Science and Technology Daily reported Wednesday. The rocket will break through the size of the arrow body and the thrust of the engine of the existing rockets to support further long-range deep space exploration.

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